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Early Guiding Help

Dental Services at Woodburn Orthodontic SpecialistsOrthodontics has come a long way since the study and treatment first originated years ago. Early orthodontic treatment is now understood as being able to help alleviate the need for major treatment in the future for your child. The onset of bad bites (technically known as malocclusions) can be identified by the child's dentist or our office, for children as young as two.

Early treatment can begin between two to six years of age and focuses on dental arches, early baby teeth loss and thumb sucking. Sometimes treatment at this stage can eradicate the need for orthodontics in the future.

The next stage in treatment includes children six to twelve years of age. At this time incisors and molars are erupting, sometimes causing bite and alignment issues. This stage is an ideal time to begin treatment, as tissues are receptive to orthodontics. The final stage is adolescence and treatment at this time initiates the adulthood bite relationship and alignment.

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