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Orthodontic Treatment: Good Friend of Dental Health

Dental Services at Woodburn Orthodontic SpecialistsAcross America there is increased awareness of the need for proactive oral health care and maintenance. People are living longer and the need to keep the entire body in good working order is at center stage in life's longer pageant.

For instance, it's more difficult to remove plaque from misaligned teeth than from straight ones, and crooked teeth provide more places for plaque to form and hide. Having misaligned teeth can have lifelong health consequences. But realignment provides our patients with a better chance to keep their teeth clean and problem-free for a lifetime. Good oral health is linked to good overall physical health.

The increase in adult patients who would like to have treatment but feel uncomfortable with the thought of wearing traditional braces has created a demand for braces that are less obvious visually. We now have many more options for realigning teeth including tooth-colored ceramic, lingual braces that attach behind rather than in front, and aligners.

Studies show that those who complete orthodontic treatment for dental issues have fewer oral health-related impacts on their daily life activities. Also, improved self-image at any age is valuable to the individual's overall sense of well-being and linked to increased success.

The expanding range of orthodontic treatment choices, greater accessibility and broader acceptance has made it easier for adults to improve their dental health through orthodontic correction. There are currently over a million adult orthodontic patients in the U.S. and Canada, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Numbers are trending upward as more people seek solutions to dental issues each year.

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